Welcome! We are excited to have you and hope to see you in one of our sessions, as a catechist, or assisting through prayer! In order to help you find the best place to go, please read the information below carefully and click on the appropriate link.

A couple of friendly notes to remember:

  • All sessions are located in the Catechesis Building.
  • Any documents may be scanned as a PDF or a digital copy to the appropriate Staff member, unless otherwise specified.
  • Copies of these documents must be submitted before any sacrament will be received.
  • Please reach out to us with questions! We love being able to help you or connect you to the appropriate resource in your journey of faith! If we are unable to answer your call, please leave a voicemail.

Points of Contact

Director of Catechesis
(817) 624-2184 X105

Mirna Cano
Coordinator of Youth & Young Adult Ministry
(817) 624-2184 X104

Links to Catechesis Pages:

daily prayer


Lord help me protect my children from careless frivolities and the twisted idea of what life is all about. Help them to appreciate discipline by which true character can be achieved and genuine integrity attained. Guide them physically and spiritually. Send into their lives specially chosen companions and friends. Save them from costly blunders that may haunt them down the years. Bless them to grow, play and work according to Your faith. Amen.

Free Health Clinic
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Vacation Bible School
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Safe Environment Class
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Catholic Charities in Fort Worth
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