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Jesus teaches us another way: Go out. Go out and share your testimony, go out and interact with your brothers, go out and share, go out and ask. Become the Word in body as well as spirit!

For more than two generations, the Annual Diocesan Appeal has supported the ministries, programs, parishes and schools that sustain the healing, teaching and redemptive presence of Jesus Christ to our brothers and sisters in faith who reside throughout the twenty-eight counties of the Diocese of Fort Worth.

When you make a commitment to the 2020 Annual Diocesan Appeal, you:

  • Sustain those men considering a life of ordained service to our Church and provide for those who have given their lives in ministry
  • Assure that those who are in poverty will be uplifted and those who are incarcerated may continue to journey with Christ
  • Build the infrastructure and capacity of rural and needy parishes to enhance ministry and mission
  • Enrich Catholic marriages, support a Catholic presence on college campuses and improve access for children to attend Catholic school, regardless of the financial circumstance
This is the work of the Annual Diocesan Appeal. Feeding the Body of Christ, ensuring that our brothers and sisters may continue to encounter Christ in all that they do and at all stages of life.
Look into your heart, consider someone you know who is in need of the services supported by the appeal, and consider your generous commitment to the 2020 Annual Diocesan Appeal.

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